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              Following Paris, Milan, New York and London, Tokyo is set to become the next city for fashion and art in the world
              Tokyo Creative Salon
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              SINGAPORE, Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo will hold the largest fashion and art event in Japan called Tokyo Creative Salon (TCS). Happening from 15 to 31 March 2020, the TCS will organise a variety of fashion and art activations across five key districts of the area - Nihonbashi, Marunouchi, Shibuya, Ginza and Daikanyama. This will be the first time for an event to be held simultaneously in five different venues. In an effort to position Tokyo as one of the fashion cities after Paris, Milan, New York and London, each Tokyo district will feature a unique line-up of exhibitions and activations including street runways, art installations, dance performances and talk sessions. The TCS is an inaugural event that will seek to expand city-wide and become a symbolic event in showcasing Japan's creativity to the world.


              Tokyo Creative Salon Official Logo (EN) (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)
              Tokyo Creative Salon Official Logo (EN) (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)

              Nogizaka46, popular Japanese idol girl group, has been appointed as the Official Ambassador of TCS and will be making special appearance at opening events and on promotional pamphlets of the event. Japanese solo artist, Kavka Shishido, has also been invited as the guest artist for TCS to design the event poster. Visitors can also look forward to Shisido's very own live performance, "el tempo", happening at the TCS.

              *Please refer to Appendix A for the details of Tokyo Creative Salon

              *Please refer to Appendix B for the profiles of Nogizaka46 and Kavka Shishido


              To celebrate Nihonbashi's rich cultural history and its people, the Nihonbashi district will be themed "OFF TO MEET" - encouraging visitors to turn off their mobile devices and immerse fully in what Nihonbashi has to offer. From food, art, books and even live performances, there's so much to look forward to at Nihonbashi.! The event is conceived under the creative direction of Naoki Ono, a celebrated spatial designer and copywriter at Hakuhodo, one of the top ten global integrated marketing solutions company. Ono also oversees the design studio YOY and established "monom", a creative team specialized in product development.

              Event Organizer: Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Executive Committee (Representative: Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd.

              MAIN EVENT


              This pouch is an item that disconnects smartphone from its reception. 10,000 pieces will be distributed as a gift at the special event, "KENGAI, OUT OF SERVICE" NIHONBASHI on 28 and 29 March. As more individuals are getting social media fatigue from the increasing addiction to their smartphones, experience Nihonbashi in a unique way with this Sacoche bag.


              • Sakura Menu Walk

              Approximately 170 stores in Nihonbashi will offer "spring" and "cherry blossom" menus for a limited time only, and visitors will receive an original Sacoche badge upon an order.

              • Nihonbashi Art Gate

              Artists create works with the theme of "Nihonbashi (that is) unrecognisable by the smartphone". the dull underground is filled with colors for a limited time only.


              Fondly known as the business district of Tokyo, Marunouchi takes on a passionate transformation during the TCS. The new Marunouchi district will entice fashion enthusiasts and curious tourists with the charm and power that it possesses. Appointed as the ambassador, Kundo Koyama is a TV writer and screenwriter of various award-winning programs. He is the Vice President of Kyoto University of Art and Design, also the creator of Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture.

              Event Organizer: Marunouchi Fashion Week Executive CommitteeRepresentative: Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.

              MAIN EVENT

              PASSION! Marunouchi RUNWAY

              @ Marunouchi Nakadori Front of Marunouchi

              Marunouchi RUNWAY (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)
              Marunouchi RUNWAY (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)

              Marunouchi Nakadori transforms into a red runway, with full-scale fashion shows showcasing various themes from different organisations. Marunouchi will transform into a gallery and a "passionate design street". Combining the charm of Marunouchi and fashion, it will be a special space to polish the people's inner sensibilities.


              • PASSION! OPENING
                @ Maru Cube

              The opening event will outline its concept, activities and performers. A talk session by the area ambassador will be held to explain the event significance in Marunouchi, and the appeal of Marunouchi Fashion Week will be conveyed.

              • "Fun in the Life" Exhibition in Marunouchi Fashion Week
                @ Maru Cube

              Japanese design company, Hobonichi presents a shopping festival with a focus on stylish fashion. This exhibition will allow visitors to experience "Fun in the life" through valuable shops and specially prepared products and food.


              Home to a rich diversity, Ginza transcends the boundaries of different genders, nationalities, ages, cultures and eras. Through the years, Ginza has undergone changes and cultural fusions, molding Ginza into a multifaceted and lively district of Tokyo.

              Event Organizer: Tokyo Creative Salon Ginza Executive Committee (Representative: Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.)

              Sponsor: Matsuya Ginza, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Wako, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, GINZA SIX

              MAIN EVENT


              Explore the "rooftop" of Ginza with exhibited artworks inspired from various perspectives. Held from 15 to 31 March, the Ginza Rooftop Project is an art exhibition curated by "TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH". The exhibition will be held on the rooftops of notable landmarks, such as Matsuya Ginza, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Wako* and Tokyo Plaza Ginza. Themed 'Ginza', artists including well-known photographer, Mayumi Hosokura, and musician, Shuta Hasunuma, will express a new perspective of Ginza through the diverse sensibilities of the artists.

              *Displayed in the show window

              THINK BORDER. MEET BORDERLESS. Fashion Show
              @ Taimei Elementary School

              WEWILL (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)
              WEWILL (Credit Picture to Tokyo Creative Salon)

              Japanese fashion label, WEWILL, will be presenting its all-new 2020-2021 AW collection on 15 March*. WEWILL is the brainchild of Japanese fashion designer, Hidetaka Fukuzono, with a concept for "clothes to attract quietly". The collection will feature the culture of the brand's roots in Ginza.

              *schedule is subject to change


                ~A world of reflective patterns~
                @ Tokyu Plaza Ginza

              This art installation by spatial designer, Minori Yamazaki, combines the usage of 3D cubic kaleidoscope, "CUMOS", and fashion on the rooftop where original patterns, along with its reflection and continuity, are expressed in an infinite world.

              • BORDERLESS Fashion beyond borders
                @ Ginza Mitsukoshi

              "BORDERLESS Fashion beyond borders" is a fashion exhibition by 4 groups of fashion designers. This includes works from Noritaka Tatehana, who is best known for the shoes worn by Lady Gaga, and PUGMENT, who has attracted much attention from the Japanese art scene. Together, they will explore "borderless art pieces" without restriction to gender, age and body.

              • Keigo Higashino×Jun Ikeido Ginza Mystery~Intersection of 2 Mysteries

              From 20 to 22 March, visitors can anticipate a time of mystery-solving of the stories by Japanese novelists, Keigo Higashino and Jun Ikeido's "Kyoichiro Kaga Series" and "Naoki Hanzawa Series" respectively.


              Shibuya is a constantly evolving famous district of Tokyo where people like the young and all nationalities gather to bask in the present. Embodying three forms of the Japanese meanings for wa, the Shibuya district will be a hub for visitors to witness the Japanese spirit, sustainable ring and movement circle. A leader of fun trends and cool spirits, Shibuya aims to pave the future to be stylish and to "Wow"!

              Event Organizer: Shibuya Fashion Week Executive Committee (Representative: Tokyu Corporation)

              MAIN EVENT

              SHIBUYA RUNWAY

              Watch the Shibuya streets unravel to become a "SHIBUYA RUNWAY" for an exclusive 1-day only show. Look forward to the 2-part fashion show, where up-and-coming designers present the latest styles in SHIBUYA FIRST STEP, as well as "Shibuya Style" where Shibuya's large commercial complex shows off real clothes.


              • FASHIONART (Walk-around Art)
                @ Various venues in Shibuya

              DESIGNART, which has held design and art festivals in Tokyo that recorded 220,000 participants, joins the creative production team, to create fashion and art with new artists in the culturally diversified Shibuya.

              • XHIASMA Project #002 transient X
                @ Shibuya QWS

              This project is a dance performance that marries the mediums of dance, fashion, music, and technology. The project brings together Ema Yuasa (dancer and choreographer), Tamae Hirokawa (fashion designer), Yutaka Endo (technical director), and world's end girlfriend (musician) to share their perspectives on "life".


              The Daikanyama district invites visitors to "THINK ALTERNATIVE" as the small district reflects the combination of both modernity and tradition as well as high and street culture. Through traditional kimonos and the latest technology, Daikanyama offers an "alternative". Oki Sato is the creator behind the activations at Daikanyama. Sato is a representative of Design Office nendo and received many design awards over the years. His works are also exhibited in well-known galleries including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

              Event Organizer: Tokyo Creative Salon Daikanyama Executive Committee (Representative: Onward Holdings Co. Ltd.)

              MAIN EVENT


              Kashiyama Daikanyama was opened in April 2019 to serve the community and visitors of Daikanyama with excitement and relaxation. It is a place that stimulates the five senses with fashion, food, design and art. During the TCS, visitors will get to experience what it's like to put on vintage kimonos. The winning works of Fashion Koshien will also be exhibited here.


              • couen car
                @ Kashiyama Daikanyama 1F Gallery Shibuya

              Japanese Company, DeNA, presents a "smart city" that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) not only for efficiency and productivity, but also to match "human emotions". Look forward to the display of the automated self-driving car that represents the future.

              • Kimono Fashion Show "Love Japan's Beauty"
                @ Tokyo College of Music Nakamegura / Daikanyama Campus TCM Hall

              Feel the heart of Japan at the Kimono Fashion Show through the beauty of traditional Japanese garments. Gathered from different kimono production areas, appreciate the traditional skills and beauty of the Kimono.


              EVENT PERIOD


              15 - 31 March 2020

              Opening ceremony* will be held at Marunouchi Building 1F Maru Cube on 15 March 2020, Sunday.


              *More details will be announced at a later date.


              Nihonbashi, Marunouchi, Ginza, Shibuya, Daikanyama


              Tokyo Creative Salon Executive Committee [JAFIC (Japan Apparel-Fashion Industry Council)

              ※ by Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Fashion Industry Promotion
              focusing on local characteristics"


              Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan Shopping Tourism Organization (JSTO), Japan Business Federation (KEIDANREN), Japan Council of Shopping Centers (JCSC), Japan Department Stores Association, Japan Fashion Association (JFA), Japan

              External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan Retailers Association, Japan Textile Federation, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

              OFFICIAL WEBSITE








              Nogizaka46 is a Japanese idol girl group formed in August 2011. They debuted with the single "Guru Guru Curtain" in February 2012. The group also won the Japan Record Awards for 2 consecutive years with their hit songs "Influencer" in 2017 and "Synchronicity" in 2018. Nogizaka46 also established their top position as an idol group in Japan.

              Kavka Shishido


              Kavka Shishido debuted in 2012 as a drummer and vocalist. She is also active as a model and actress, and is currently starring in several programs regularly. Shishido is also active in her own production called "el tempo".


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